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Fake Moon Landing

Heroic images or NASA fraud? At last we have the conclusive proof!
Here is a documentary with evidence fake moon landing pictures and photos, no video.

Luna lander download thrust

No crater under luner lander

The image on the left clearly shows the supposed 25,000 of thrust generated by the lunar Lander to arrest its descent. Yet in the image on the right, where is the giant crater this would have created?

Looks like the complex web of NASA lies is about to unravel!

Moon shadows are all wrong

No stars in Nasa moon photo

Another apparently inspirational image from the NASA archive. All seems fine at first but notice the numerous directions in which the shadows are falling (marked with arrows).


This indicates that the image is probably composed of several images taken at different times (probably in a top secret studio guarded by specially trained aliens working as government agents) and joined together using advanced technology NASA always denies existed at the time.

This is the photographic equivalent of an automotive "cut-and-shut" job.

If this image was your car, you wouldn't trust it take you to the end of your road without breaking in half!

Not much wrong with this picture you may think. Yet, by thinking that, you would just become yet another of NASA's conspiracy victims.

Firstly, despite the absence of an atmosphere, no stars can be seen in the sky.

Secondly, the interior of the shopping basket can clearly be seen when all areas in shadow should be pitch black due to the absence of air molecules.




Nice try NASA but we are not fooled that easily!

Is this for real? In this famous photo the Eagle Lander is shown returning to the Command Module, but the biggest question about the event is left hanging. Who took the photo?

See the full report on Fake moon landing.

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This is probably inspired on Moon Landing - A Hoax

Here are some thoughts ... :o)

  • The Spacey Twins - Photo taken inside aircraft simulating 0 g gravity and later passed off as a "space walk".
  • Divergent shadows which could only have been produced by a spotlight.
  • Space rocks which have "Hollywood Type" letters.
  • Backdrops for "The Mountains of the Moon".
  • See the Astro-nots jump out of their own shadow. (Above photo clearly shows shadow of flag, but shadow of "Astro-not" is absent).
  • Photo showing absolutely no crater under the main rocket of the LEM.
  • Photo of Astro-not taken by fellow Astro-not who had no camera.
  • Read how radiation should have turned the Astro-nots into crispy space bacon.
  • Why are there never any stars showing in any of the moon pictures? If the Hubble Telescope can see them, why can't the Astro-Nots?

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